Pimpdaddy's Yo Mama Snaps
Welcome to the current home of the Internet's original Yo Mama... Snaps page. For those of you who have known Pimpdaddy since the old days when the Snaps page first went up, thanks for continuing to come back. Oh, about those other Yo Mama.. pages, anyway... I've got more snaps, national press, the one and only Yo Mama.. Snap Program, and I've been around longer than all of them.
Now don't forget who's bringin' this to ya, that's right, the one and only
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For those of you that can handle frames, you'll want to use this page for all of your Yo Mama... Snaps needs. You'll get the best results with a browser that properly supports JavaScript because the page makes use of it.

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For those of you with browsers that can't handle frames or if you just can't stand those damn things, Pimpdaddy didn't forget about you. You can access all the Yo Mama... Snaps on this page with no frames.

Pimpdaddy's Yo Mama... Snaps WILL offend or insult just about everyone. If you are easily offended by very foul language, a few explicit sexual jokes, and just plain disrespectful jokes to be used on others, PLEASE do not continue. If you're a big ol' pimp and just love that stuff, then go on in.

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