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I'll bet you're wondering what this program is all about huh? Well basically a very nice person, not to mention talented programmer, took all the snaps from my Yo Mama... page and put them into a program that will give you random snaps at the push of a button. It is also convenient enough to provide the time of day and the date. Now I know you haven't seen this on those other Yo Mama... pages on the net. Here's a screen shot:

Find out more about it and download it below.

About this program!

Well there is alot to know here. Basically, it all started with a man by the name of Ken Granderson.
He is the "Grand Poobah" of:
Inner-City Software
Inner-City Software Graphic

Ken just happened to visit my page and like it so much that he put all of my snaps into a great program. It gives you the benefit of enjoying my top-rate Yo Mama... snaps without even having to be connected to the internet. For you easily offended people, or those that just love being able to censor things, there is even a yomama.ini file that you can set to exclude the Extra Rude snaps. To sum it all up, I want to say thanks to Kenny for the great work, everyone please go check out his company's home page, and then just scroll on down and get yourself a copy. Of course new snaps will continue to be added to my page too, so check back.

Microsoft Windows 95/NT

Gimme the 32-Bit version!
This is the 32-bit version 1.1 of the program designed for Windows 95/NT. Enjoy!!

Microsoft Windows

This version is no longer being maintained. If you're still running Windows 3.1, you've got more problems than not being able to run my program. :-)