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Pimpdaddy® Pimp Suits - Baby Blue w/Snow Leopard Valboa Trim Pimp Suit

Pimpdaddy® Pimp Suits - Baby Blue w/Snow Leopard Valboa Trim Pimp Suit
    Code: PD-J-B-BBSL
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    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
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    Free UPS Ground shipping (continental US) - This baby blue with snow leopard trim pimp suit is one of the most popular colors on the site. It's a long time member of the Pimpdaddy® traditional line of pimp suits; it is not a low quality pimp costume you might find elsewhere. The pants are matching baby blue fabric and are unlined like the others in the traditional pimp suit line. This is an authentic Pimpdaddy® pimp suit and not a corner cutting fake other sites sell; you can tell by the snow leopard valboa trim which extends from the collar and lapels down to the bottom of the coat as well as the official Pimpdaddy.Com label. Do not pay more of your hard earned scratch for an imposter pimp suit. The material on this pimp jacket and pants is often called valboa; it is 100% polyester and has a wavy texture. The inner satin lining is also 100% polyester for durability and wrinkle resistance.

    Size Information
    This pimp suit only comes in one size, and it will fit most people. The jacket sleeves adjust in length but will generally fit people well if they're between 5'7" and 6'3". If you need larger, the Pimpdaddy® Big Baller™ and premium suits are more likely to fit. The pants measure 44 inches in length with 32 inch inseam. They are baggy and also have a lot of material between the inseam and the waist band so if you normally wear a longer inseam, you can just change how high you wear the pants. If your waist is larger than 40", you probably won't fit in the pants. If you're not at least 5 foot 7 inches tall, the pants will be really long but your local dry cleaners can fix that for about $10, or you can just roll them up. If you are too big for this suit, the Pimpdaddy® premium and Big Baller™ suits are larger and also include pants with a satin lining like the jacket.

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    Purple Smooth Hat ($12)
    Big Red ($12)
    Super Afro ($12)