Yo mama's got a 4 dollar weave and don't know when to leave.
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Purple w/Grey Leopard Fur Valboa Suit [SOLD OUT]

Purple w/Grey Leopard Fur Valboa Suit [SOLD OUT]
    Code: PD-PH-VB-PG
    Price: $249.95
    Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
    Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Purple w/Grey Leopard Fur Valboa Suit [SOLD OUT]'. Please check back later.
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    - This is not a costume, this is a pimp suit plain and simple. If you want to control the room, win the contest, pull the most ho's or just mack it right, this is what you want. The price shown only includes the pimp jacket and pants.

    Why is the price so high?
    Because these are made in low volume for discriminating pimps, not for Jabroni's that shop at Party City* with their mom.

    Size Information
    This pimp suit only comes in one size, and it will fit many people out of the box but others may want to have it altered. Here is the sizing:

    • The jacket is 48 inches long.
    • The jacket sleeves have cuffs that adjust so the length can be between 25 and 33 inches. Customers report that for someone shorter than 5'7", you'll want to have the sleeves altered by your local dry cleaner; it costs about $15 typically.
    • The shoulder to shoulder measurement is about 25".
    • The pants measure 48 inches from waist to floor but can be rolled up or altered so these will fit short and tall pimps. They are baggy and have a lot of material between the inseam and the waist band so if you normally wear a longer inseam, you can just change how high you wear the pants. If your waist is larger than 46", you probably don't want the pants. The waist is elastic and has belt loops.

    *Nothing against Party City, lots of people come to me after shopping there! :-)